Our partners

Because your health is important to us, we have developed privileged relationships with different partners who are involved with the local population. We wish to thank them especially for their involvement in the spreading of this precious information about hearing health.

Ordre des Fils d’Italie au Canada

Ordre des Fils d’Italie au Canada

The objectives of the Order are: Unite persons of Italian origin residing in Canada in a single entity. Promote civic and moral education to its members. Encourage the members towards recreational, cultural, social, sporting and other activities. Entertain a good … Continue reading



La mission de CAA-Québec Organisme à but non lucratif qui veut assurer sécurité et tranquillité d’esprit à chacun de ses membres ainsi qu’à ses clients en leur offrant des services et des produits de très haute qualité dans les domaines … Continue reading

The Réseau FADOQ

What is the Réseau FADOQ ? Nothing less than the largest association of Quebecers over 50 and THE reference in terms of quality of life for Quebec seniors. Since it was founded in 1970, the Réseau FADOQ has won countless battles … Continue reading


The Association québécoise des retraité(e)s des secteurs public et parabuplic Founded in 1968, the AQRP is the principal independent association representing all of the retirees from the public and parapublic sectors in Québec. It comprises 25 000 members, primarily former … Continue reading


The Fédération Québécoise de Camping et de Caravaning The largest North American organization for French-speaking Campers, making life fun for its 43,000 members. A non-profit organization, the FQCC provides information and advice suited to our members needs. The FQCC offers you … Continue reading

Réseau Sélection

The best years of your life with Réseau Sélection Réseau Sélection operates in 15 cities across Québec, offering retirement homes that set themselves apart with their safe, cozy, comfortable living environment and stimulating activities, and a firm commitment to making … Continue reading

The Diabetes Association of Laval • Laurentians inc.

Since 1984, our organization aims to meet the needs and expectations of people with diabetes and their relatives in the region of Laval and the Laurentians. This is the reason why our members always benefit from ongoing support. Our goals: … Continue reading


Association québécoise de gérontologie

Founded in 1978, the Association québécoise de gérontologie (AQG) is a non-profit organization dealing with all aspects of aging. The Association is made up of practitioners, elderly people, as well as different groups and organizations working with the elderly. The … Continue reading


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