Réseau FADOQ gives elderly people a voice

The mission of Réseau FADOQ is well known. However, people are talking more and more about another component of the bigger association of seniors in Canada: the defence of socioeconomic issues that could promote better quality of life for today’s and tomorrow’s seniors. Since Réseau FADOQ now counts more than 425,000 members age 50 and older, decision-makers are willing to listen. The social contract and the Silver Button In response to population ageing

Laurence Jalbert: When authenticity meets musicality

The anchors of her life Laurence, you are a mother of two, and you have four grandkids. Is it true that your family is the centre of your universe? Absolutely, yes! From the moment my daughter was born, I knew I had found the meaning of my life. Before becoming pregnant, I was scared of children…because I had no self-esteem. I was so scared of how they might look at me that

Chantal Lacroix

Chantal Lacroix: a fighter with a tender heart

Her deafness At age 8, you became totally deaf in your right ear. What happened? I had several severe ear infections. Complications led to the perforation of my right eardrum, and my auditory nerve was also affected. I haven’t been able to hear at all with that ear since then. You do not wear hearing aids. Why is that? Because I can hear pretty well with my left ear, and because the


Fondation Sourdine’s 16th “Les saveurs du théâtre” benefit had tremendous success

On May 11 before an audience of more than 300 people gathered at Théâtre de la Bordée, the students of École oraliste de Québec pour enfants malentendants ou sourds delivered an outstanding spoken-language theatrical performance. This vibrant play was the result of a tremendous amount of work, and the children’s determination and ta‑ lent moved everyone in the room. Under honorary president Benoît Robert, president and CEO of Quebecor’s Sports and Entertainment


Andrée Ruffo: When children come first

Ms. Ruffo, during your career, you have always spoken out on behalf of disadvantaged children and children in difficulty. Where did your interest in children’s rights come from? Children have always been very important in my family. My sister and I also attended Université Laval’s summer preschool education training program for two years, where we discovered the fragility and beauty of children, and how to keep them stimulated, for when we would

Fondation du Collège de Rosemont

Lobe supports the Fondation du Collège de Rosemont

The audioprosthetists working in the Lobe clinics network are pleased to announce their support to the Collège de Rosemont and its audioprosthesis program, through a financial contribution to the Fondation du Collège de Rosemont. The Fondation’s mission is to support educational research and experiment activities for education advancement purposes, to develop cooperation and partnerships with the economical and sociocultural communities and to facilitate access to college education. As part of this financial

Marcel Leboeuf

Interview with Marcel Lebœuf

Marcel the actor Mr. Lebœuf, during your career you have shot numerous films. Do you have a good story you could tell us? Absolutely! I was shooting the 10-07 : L’Affaire Kafka police miniseries in the Old Port of Montreal. On the first day, I got to the set early in the morning. When I walked into Costumes there was a costumier in the room, and we said hello. I put my clothes

Danielle Ouimet

Danielle Ouimet lives her life to the fullest!

Danielle Ouimet is an engaging personality well-known to Québec audiences. During the 3rd edition of the Salon FADOQ 50 ans + tradeshow, Lobe Magazine had the chance to meet with her. Q: Mrs. Ouimet, why did you agree to be the spokesperson for the Salon FADOQ 50 ans + tradeshow? A: Because I was asked to (laughs). I am a very rational person, you know! When I’m offered things that sound fun, I’m very open

Dr Gilles Lapointe

Interview with Dr. Gilles Lapointe

Q: You are in great health, you give lectures in Europe and the United States; what is your secret? A: The secret is in your philosophy. People often race through their daily lives. This hectic lifestyle causes people to neglect important health factors like sleep and nutrition. Q: What are your lectures about? What topics do you cover? A: To better adapt to this hectic lifestyle, people need advice. I invite them to

Moi de l'audition

May, hearing awareness month

Hearing awareness month is a great time to inform you regarding a very important statistic: «80 % of people with hearing loss aren’t diagnosed or receiving proper care*». Yet, hearing is very important for communication and to avoid isolation. With this in mind, we are proud to present the video: Don’t let hearing loss cut you off from the world: Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please

Gilles Latulippe

Exclusive interview with Gilles Latulippe

Much to our content—and for your enjoyment, dear readers of Lobe Magazine—the writer, comedian, actor and director Gilles Latulippe granted us an interview. I had the chance to sit down with Mr. Latulippe during his visit to the city of Québec as the spokesperson for the second edition of the Salon FADOQ 50 ans +, which took place September 27 through 29, 2013 at the Centre de foires d’ExpoCité.  As you

50 000 $ à la Fondation Sourdine

Lobe Santé auditive et communication donates $ 50,000 to the École oraliste de Québec

On May 30, on behalf of all audioprosthetists at Lobe Santé auditive et communication multidisciplinary clinics, Mr. Martin Cousineau, President and CEO of Lobe Santé auditive et communication, proudly presented a $50,000 donation to the Fondation Sourdine for its “Your donation will make people talk!” fundraising campaign. This tremendous contribution will allow even more children to benefit from the services offered by the École oraliste, the only French-language oral school in North

Choix Consommateur

The results of the most recent survey conducted by the firm Léger Marketing confirms that Lobe Santé auditive et communication is the winner of the Customer’s Choice Award for the Quebec City region.

The network of Lobe Santé auditive et communication multidisciplinary clinics was awarded the Customer’s Choice of 2013 for the Quebec City region in the hearing health category. This award reflects the quality of services delivered by the professionals and their personnel throughout the network. The award ceremony was held at the Théâtre Impérial de Québec on June 4th. “These clinics have for mission to make a difference in the lives of

Pierre Marcotte: Spokesperson for Le Salon FADOQ 50 + organized by FADOQ régions de Québec et Chaudière-​Appalaches

An absolutely magical interview with a funny, mischievous man who has a contagious zest for life! HIS CAREER Hello Mr. Marcotte, it is an honour for me to meet you! I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth… notice that I didn’t say I swear! What was it like doing live television? I began when television first started on Télé-Métropole in 1963. You were not even a glimmer in your father’s eye, my dear!

Documentary on Jeanne's ear

DOCUMENTARY ON JEANNE’S EAR Ottawa, Wednesday, December 19, 2012– It’s been a year and a half since Jeanne Choquette was selected to receive a cochlear implant, which is an electronic device that stimulates the auditory nerve and sends the auditory information to the brain. On December 22 2012, RDI will broadcast a French documentary called L’oreille de Jeanne at 11h30 am. It will be rebroadcasted on January 5th 2013 at 10h30

Recording of the reality TV show DUO spécial mère/fille on V Télé

For the second time, Marie-Josée Taillefer participated in a TV reality show called DUO that airs on V Télé, this time her mother is by her side. She recently played with Francis Reddy and won 750$ for the Fondation Sourdine. This is a show where the players must really know their team mate, because it’s with this information that they will be able to raise money for the cause of

Entrevue avec Marie-Josée Taillefer : rendre la surdité visible !

Interview with Marie-​Josée Taillefer: Making deafness visible!

Marie-Josée Taillefer is the spokesperson for the inaugural fundraising campaign for the Fondation Sourdine pour l’École oraliste de Québec pour enfants malentendants ou sourds, and she met our interview request with enthusiasm. As the inspirational parents of two deaf children, Marie-Josée Taillefer and her husband René Simard understand better than anyone the importance of our awareness campaign, which seeks to inform people about the impact hearing has on our daily lives. When

Jérémy Gabriel

Jérémy Gabriel

We have all heard the name of Jérémy Gabriel uttered at some point or another. He is the boy with Treacher Collins syndrome* who, in 2006, performed a song for Pope Benedict XVI. At 14 years old, Jérémy is now enrolled in École Cardinal-Roy’s integrated arts program, after having graduated from the École oraliste de Québec pour enfants malentendants ou sourds. Still with plenty of ideas brewing in his mind,

Metallica, an interview with Radio-Canada

Metallica, an interview with Radio-​Canada

Metallica: watch out for your ears! Michèle Veilleux, audiologist, working in the Lobe Santé auditive et communication clinics was asked to participate in an interview for the TV show Première Heure on July 15th 2011. The day before the Metallica Concert is a great time to raise awareness concerning the danger of sounds reaching an intensity level of 120 decibels To watch the interview, click here. Then choose the following title: Métallica: attention

Interview with a woman of compassion!

Interview with a woman of compassion!

Ginette Legendre is a woman of compassion—the kind we’d all love to have as a granny. Sensitive, funny, generous, she launched a second career at the age of 60 for those most dear to her: kids aged five to ten. How did a career nurse in the early years of retirement become a successful author of children’s stories? In 1999, it was time for Mrs Legendre to take retirement. After a year and a half


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