Which hearing aids are right for you?

December 23, 2014 by Simon Dufort

Appareils auditifs

For some, purchasing new hearing aids is a challenging decision-making process. Too often, buyers approach the purchase much like they would if buying a consumer product, such as a computer or a mobile phone. But which hearing aids are the best?

First, to make an informed decision, you must identify your listening and communication needs, consider your lifestyle and choose the most suitable technology for you. Hearing aids are a means, a tool, not an end in themselves. To optimize hearing aid performance, it is important that you work with your audioprosthetist. A protocol will be established based on your needs, hearing abilities and experience with amplification, to ensure full adaptation. After the initial hearing aid adjustment, your audioprosthetist will ensure in-depth follow-up and remain available to attend to your subsequent adjustment needs.

A specialized educator may also be on hand to teach you how to use and take care of your hearing aids. He or she will be happy to give you listening and communication tips. Every six months, the specialized educator will contact you to check and deep clean your hearing aids, which will reduce the risk of damage and help them last longer. This support process optimizes hearing aid performance. Hearing aids offer immeasurable benefits to someone with a hearing impairment. They help break social isolation, facilitate learning and contribute to the individual’s well-being within the community.

The audioprosthetists at the Lobe Santé auditive et communication multidisciplinary clinics have extensive knowledge of all types of hearing aids. Furthermore, they continually develop their skills by receiving further training and regularly attending international conferences on new technologies. They can therefore assist you in your decision-making process and help you choose the hearing aids best suited to your listening and communication needs.

Don’t forget: the best hearing aids are the ones you want to wear!