What is ageism?

November 20, 2013

Young individuals can be victims of ageism, but it generally affects seniors.

The Association Québécoise de Gérontologie (AQG) launched a campaign called : L’âgisme. Parlons-en ! which aims to raise awareness concerning ageism in general, but more specifically, ageism related to aging.

Qu'est ce que l'âgisme?

Ageism is when a person is stereotyped or discriminated against due to their age; it’s similar to sexism or racism (Translated from: Dr Robert Butler, 1975).

Ageism can be expressed in the following ways:

  • Showing attitude or bias towards seniors or the aging process.
  • Actions which discriminate against or exclude seniors.
  • Institutional or political practices which underline age related stereotypes.

Other facts about ageism:

  • It can be done in a very insidious manner.
  • Ageism often results as a protection mechanism, due to the individual’s fear of death, where they create a separation between themselves and older individuals.

For more information about the public awareness campaign against ageism visit our website www.aqg-quebec.org or contact us by dialling our toll free number: 1-888-387-3612.