Watching television

April 15, 2016

TV regarder

For hearing-impaired people

  • Activate the subtitle option of your television:
    • For instructions, check the television user’s guide or contact your cable operator (e.g., Videotron, Bell).
    • Be careful! When you watch a TV show translated into English from a foreign language and use subtitles in English, the actors’ lip movements will be off.
  • Place your television in a closed and quiet room.
  • If the sound quality of your flat screen television is poor, use external speakers.
  • Place your armchair facing the television, near the speakers, and at a comfortable visual distance.
  • If you hear better with one ear than the other, sit with your “good” ear towards the speaker.
  • Place the television so that natural light will not reflect on the screen.
  • Reduce or eliminate sources of noise or distraction when watching television, e.g., avoid using your dishwasher or the range hood during your favourite TV show.
  • Use a listening system for television.
Game shows, a challenge for your ears 
Game shows with people yelling and loud background music are a real challenge in terms of listening and understanding, even for people who hear perfectly. So it’s important to have realistic expectations. Even if you have the best hearing aids on the market, this type of TV show will still be hard to understand.

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