Waiting room

April 15, 2016

Salle attente

For hearing-impaired people

Before leaving:

  • Bring paper and pen.
  • Make sure your hearing aids are functional (e.g., batteries).

Once there:

  • If you have hearing aids, use them.
  • Tell the receptionist that you are hearing-impaired.
  • Show the receptionist your “CommuniCarte”.
  • Show the receptionist your special card for waiting rooms or ask that someone come directly to tell you when it is your turn.
  • Ask that someone write in your medical file that you are hearing impaired.
  • Ask people to use gestures to support what they are saying (e.g., point where you have to go, show the room number with their fingers or write it down).
  • Do not act like you understood if you did not.
  • Ask the receptionist to use the basic communication strategies (see section Basic communication strategies).
  • If needed, ask someone to write down important information.
  • If you have a cellphone, ask when you check in if text alert service is available. If so, ask to be registered for it so you will receive a text notification of your place on the waiting list.
  • For places with a number calling system, sit somewhere you can easily see the numbers and hear the sound signal.

Basic communication strategies

Ask your communication partner to:

  • Look at you and not cover their face
  • Talk more slowly and a little more loudly, without yelling
  • Make short and simple sentences
  • Write down important information


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