Voice Disorders

May 15, 2007 by Martin Forest

Voice Disorders

Voice disorders, also known as “dysphonia”, exist when the voice cannot withstand the rigors of daily activities (work, social activities, etc.).

The quality of our voice may be altered (hoarse or muffled voice, etc.), as well as its pitch (lower than before) and its intensity (weaker than before).

A voice disorder can also create throat pain and even a sensation of tightness or that “something is lodged in the throat”. Although these problems rarely have a medical impact, they can become detrimental socially and at work.

They are often caused by improper use of the voice and by tension in the voice production mechanism.

Here are five tips that can help you maintain a healthier voice:

  1. Drink water often, in small quantities;
  2. Avoid constantly clearing your throat;
  3. Avoid yelling and screaming;
  4. Avoid long telephone conversations;
  5. Avoid using your voice when you have a cold.

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