United by our values!

August 2, 2013

Creativity, integrity, diligence, harmony

Lobe University is founded on a set of values that were chosen to give us direction and guide our conduct day after day. They are telling of the perspective in which we plan to make a difference in people’s lives by continuously evolving. These are the values that will permit us to forge ahead and to strengthen our ties with each member of our team. 

Creativity, integrity, diligence and harmony are more than just words: they are the standard of conduct all of us are expected to uphold every day.
    Creativity is a group’s ability to devise, create and introduce a new concept or object, or find an original solution to a problem. In operational terms, creativity is an individual or group’s ability to devise and offer innovative solutions, ideas or concepts.
    Integrity is the primary motivator to be true to oneself.
    Diligence is the quality of routinely demonstrating accuracy, precision and consistency.
    Harmony implies forging positive relationships with others and maintaining that sense of amicable agreement.