TV listening systems

December 9, 2015 by Maxime Bacon

Systèmes d'écoute pour la Tv

TV listening systems are designed to help you enjoy your favourite TV shows or music.

These systems improve the signal-to-noise ratio by enabling binaural listening (hearing with both ears) and lessening the gap between the speech source and aural perception of the audio signal. The independent volume control, from one ear to the other, lets you set the sound to the level that suits you best, without disturbing others in the room. The system can also be directly connected to your stereo system or radio.

Sennheiser IS-410-120

Main benefits

  • Ideal for TV sound transmission
  • Cordless infrared or frequence modulation (FM) systems, with excellent sound quality
  • Transmit sound within a room, at a distance of up to 12 metres

With these systems, you can adjust the sound of your TV or favourite music without bothering others. They are ultra-lightweight and include a stereo stethoset headphone.

The transmitter connects easily to any signal source (TV or radio). Using these systems is easy—the headphones switch on automatically when you put them on! Balance and volume are set directly on the stethoset headphones. The transmitter also features a compression button for further enhancing speech intelligibility.

To learn more about wireless listening systems, consult an audioprosthetist.