Today’s hearing aids

August 11, 2016 by Michèle Dostaler
Back-to-school season is here. Children and teenagers are reuniting with friends and starting a new year of learning and fulfillment.

…make exercise fun

Kids who perfected their diving technique during the summer will brag about it when sharing their special summer memories. So will kids with hearing loss, thanks to their completely water repellent new hearing aids that will also let them hear their hockey coach.

…make music enjoyable

They will be looking forward to joining their classmates in the new dance by the artist of the year. They will be anxious to compare playlists on their smartphones. With live transmission of music to hearing aids via a Bluetooth remote, kids can easily listen to each song in the summer ranking.

Specialized HD Music programs let them enjoy an enhanced listening experience in different musical environments, whether on YouTube, at a live concert, or while playing the flute or singing in the choir.

…let them hear every little sound

Teenagers can adjust the directional span and microphone range of their hearing aids with an application on their smartphone or with their hearing aid controls. This will optimize the hearing aid performance in the gym and on a field trip to a museum. By discreetly fine-tuning the sophisticated microphone system, students can fully participate in question sessions.

Museums and auditoriums can cause specific problems due to the reverberation and often considerable echo from the high ceilings and hard surfaces. Children can benefit from an anti-reverberation feature that better separates the voices they want to hear from the noises bouncing around them. Features like this can help teenagers get good grades on post-field trip quizzes.

…let them stay in touch with family

Kids who want to call Grandma and Uncle Paul to tell them all the adventures of their first week of school can fully hear and understand on the phone thanks to TwinPhone technology, which sends the signal to both ears, not only the one next to the phone!

New hearing aid technologies improve listening capacity in many situations, allowing wearers to fully enjoy life’s good times—carefree!

To learn more, consult an audioprosthetist.


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