Lobe Network

November 17, 2011
Drawing on over 25 years’ experience in hearing health and communication, Lobe Network developed the unique concept behind Lobe Santé auditive et communication multidisciplinary clinics.

Administrative and professional support for the concept is provided by Lobe Network.

For many people, consulting hearing health and communication professionals can be a trying and discouraging experience because of the many visits and lengthy waits it entails. That’s why Lobe Network created its multidisciplinary approach, facilitating access to hearing health and communication services by bringing all the professionals involved—from ear, nose and throat specialists and audiologists to audioprosthetists, speech therapists, specialized educators and nurses—together under one roof.

Lobe Network is an organization designed to serve health professionals who believe in the multidisciplinary approach. It develops distinctive products and consulting services for aspects of their work not directly related to their professions.

A team of professionals, each highly experienced in his or her field, pool their expertise to maximize the benefit for the clinic and administer the many different services that comprise the Lobe concept:

  • organizing and fitting out premises according to each discipline’s highest standards;
  • research into and acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment;
  • procurement;
  • financial management;
  • marketing, communications and public relations;
  • customized software;
  • human resources and training.

The entire Lobe Network team is on hand at all times to lend its support to the hearing health and communication professionals, enabling them to practise in optimal conditions.

That unconditional support from the Lobe Network team also allows each and every professional to focus on what’s most important: taking all the time needed to listen to patients’ concerns and doing whatever they can to help.