The joy of watching TV at home with Sennheiser’s Set 900

March 29, 2012 by Nadine Girard

Le plaisir de l’écoute de la télévision à domicile avec le Set 900 de Sennheiser !

At last, you can choose to watch TV as quietly or loudly as you like. This infrared system’s sound levels can be individually adapted to the user’s needs to suit different listening situations. In addition to providing excellent stereo sound quality and speech intelligibility, the Set 900 system features ergonomically optimized controls.

Turn the TV up as loud as you like without disturbing the neighbours: it’s no problem with the Set 900 system. The wireless stethoset receiver amplifies the TV or hi-fi sound directly in your ears. The set’s transmitter is simply connected to the audio source and the signal is transmitted to the receiver using infrared technology. On the receiver, both the volume and the balance between the right and left ear can be individually adjusted according to the listener’s hearing. Speech intelligibility is particularly important when watching television. For this reason, the Set 900 system allows speech intelligibility to be adapted to the listener’s needs by emphasizing the treble. A person’s ability to hear high frequencies continuously deteriorates with age. If the intensity of these frequencies is raised, speech becomes much clearer and easier to understand. In addition, a switchable compression function balances out the often unpleasant differences in volume between quiet and loud sounds.

The Set 900 system is also particularly user-friendly: when the earbows are opened slightly, the sound is switched on automatically. When the receiver is removed (the earbows are closed), it switches off automatically after 30 seconds.

Le plaisir de l’écoute de la télévision à domicile avec le Set 900 de Sennheiser !When you’re watching an exciting film or listening to music with a standard headset, it’s easy to forget the world around you because the headset tends to dampen external noises. To make sure you can hear the phone or doorbell ringing, two small switchable microphones are built into the Set 900 stethoset receiver. They pick up surrounding noises and amplify them, allowing listeners to hear what’s going on around them even when while watching television or listening to music.

The Sennheiser listening system is also a useful companion at the theatre or concert hall. These days, more and more public buildings and cultural venues are equipped with professional audio systems that use infrared technology to transmit performance or lecture to receivers such as those of the Set 900. To receive these signals, the receiver has three frequencies—2.3 MHz, 2.8 MHz and 95 kHz—which can be set according to the channel being used to transmit the information.

The Set 900 also finds the right frequency entirely automatically!

Lightweight and comfortable

Whether it’s for home, the theatre or a trip to Florida, this is one device you’re sure to love! The transmitter, integrated charger and stethoset receiver are available in an ultra modern black metallic finish. At only 68 grams, the stethoset receiver is a true lightweight, and its flexible ear cushions ensure that it remains comfortable even when worn for hours on end. A powerful lithium-ion battery guarantees up to 12 hours of clear, undisturbed sound.

Consult your audioprosthetist at one of the Lobe Santé auditive et communication multidisciplinary clinics to see whether this product is right for your hearing needs.