The benefits of good hearing health

December 23, 2014

Sante auditive

Given that 80% of people affected by hearing loss are not diagnosed or treated,* raising awareness is of the utmost importance. This is why the professionals at the Lobe clinics have launched an awareness campaign to inform people about the importance of hearing health.

Raising awareness is at the heart of our concerns. We offer seminars at many locations, such as retirement homes and community organizations, at no charge. We also set up information booths at conferences, in pharmacies and other locations. The professionals on site are happy to answer questions and especially to help people by guiding them in accordance with their needs.

This awareness campaign is beneficial to all age groups. The sooner a hearing problem is detected, the faster the patient is treated to correct it.

Good hearing health has many benefits. Here are just a few, for different age groups.

Children and students: When hearing loss is detected at a very young age, children can be seen early, and their hearing problem can be corrected. This improves language development, facilitates interpersonal communications and has a major impact on academic success. These children can also develop a sense of belonging by socializing and verbalizing. They understand instructions better, which makes taking part in activities safer for them. All in all, hearing health is important for children’s physical and psychological development.

Adults: Good hearing has many advantages for adults, on several levels. It has a positive influence on personal, professional and familial relationships, since communication is the basis for social connection and emotional stability. The result is a greater sense of belonging within the group. Better hearing leads to a greater desire to take part in activities. By taking care of their hearing health, people can improve their performance at work and hear safety instructions better.

Retirees: Good hearing makes it easier for retirees to take part in different activities. It has a direct impact on family and social relationships, because it boosts confidence and prevents isolation. Correcting hearing loss makes it possible for a person with a hearing impairment to take part in conversations and respond appropriately.

Elderly people: As people get older, proper hearing can help them stay safer and more autonomous. For example, the ability to understand medical advice and evacuation procedures in the event of a fire is crucial to personal safety. Good hearing also promotes emotional stability: the ability to hear and understand what is being said contributes to well-being.

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