Taking advantage of advanced functionalities in modern hearing aids

March 7, 2016 by Michèle Dostaler

appareils auditifs modernes

Not so long ago, no one looked forward to wearing hearing aids—those huge beige things. Back then, discreet was definitely not an option.

Fortunately, times have changed and technology has greatly evolved. Hearing aids are now inconspicuous, sophisticated communication devices equipped with numerous functionalities that greatly improve the listening experience, both in terms of hearing and ease of use.

Hearing aids and smartphones

It is now common for people to pull out their smartphones during a meeting to view files relevant to the discussion, or to look at their emails during a coffee break. So why shouldn’t hard-of-hearing people use their smartphones to adjust their hearing aids’ directional microphones to pick up colleagues’ voices more efficiently and clearly understand what is being said?

Now, just imagine being able to adjust the tone of the music you are listening to through your hearing aids in order to enhance the harmonics—without having to touch a remote!

Or imagine going to a Christmas party with your family or friends and being able to switch listening programs easily without telling anyone (no more need to raise your hand to your hearing aids)!

Apps for a simpler life

These three examples show how new apps for smartphones compatible with hearing aids can improve the daily life of hearing aid wearers.

touchControl, for instance, is an app that allows Android or iOS users to set their hearing aid programs, volume, bass, and treble via their smartphone.

The free easyTek app and the tiny and discreet easyTek remote control make it possible to connect several devices through Bluetooth and stream TV shows or music.

These apps let users adjust many hearing connectivity system settings and functionalities easily and discreetly—making hearing aids and smartphones a match made in heaven!


To determine which hearing aids are best for you, consult an audioprosthetist.

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