Swimming: custom protection

May 26, 2017


Custom protection: Peace of mind in the water

When you think of summer, you probably think of sun, sand, and swimming. You protect your eyes with sunglasses and your skin with clothes and sunscreen, but what about your ears? Some people do need to protect their ears while swimming.

How can I protect my ears?

Earmolds designed for swimming can be used to reduce the risk of ear infections and protect perforated eardrums. ENT specialists may also recommend these earmolds following the insertion of tympanostomy tubes in the ears of adults and children. Custom earmolds are made by creating an impression of the ear. A soft, hypoallergenic material is then used to create the mold.baignade-bouchons

Is it designed to prevent swimmer’s ear?

If you or your child have a type of otitis known as “swimmer’s ear” (inflammation of the external auditory canal caused by an infection), swimming earmolds are a great way to prevent the condition from reappearing. For children’s and adult’s earmolds, a floating material can be used so that the earmolds are less likely to get lost if the person removes them while swimming. All earmolds come with a small handle to make insertion and removal easier. And they come in an incredible variety of colours! For adults, a cord can be added to the earmolds. It allows you to remove one earmold during a discussion, for example, without having to hold it or risking losing it.

Caring for your earmolds

VapoLobeMC is all you need. Spray it on a tissue or directly on the earmolds, then wipe them gently with a tissue or cloth. Make sure to clean the earmolds completely with VapoLobeMC after each use.

For more information on custom swimming earmolds, meet with an audioprosthetist or specialized educator.

Happy swimming!