Swimmer’s ear plugs

May 15, 2008
Les embouts de baignade
Swimmer’s ear infections (external otitis) are an infection of the external auditory canal skin and can even touch the outer ear. They generally come from an inflammation rather than from a cold. They are called swimmer’s ear infections, because the humidity resulting from frequent periods of swimming can lead to these types of infections. In fact, if the ear is not adequately dried, the wax secreting ducts may get clogged and bacteria can then accumulate.

It is possible to buy swimmer’s ear plugs which are moulded to the ear. They stop water from entering your ears which prevents swimmer’s ear infections. Both children and adults can use these ear plugs. 

For more information concerning swimmer’s ear plugs, don’t hesitate to contact the audioprosthetists working in the Lobe Santé auditive et communication multidisciplinary clinics.

Take note:
It is important to wash your moulded swimmer’s ear plugs. The VapoLobe will allow  rapid and easy maintenance.