Solidarity between grandchildren and grandparents

August 12, 2016 by Martine Rodrigue
When our grandchildren of any age go back to school, they remind us of our own school experiences.

While today’s technologies may seem to create a gap between the generations, each one still has something to learn from the others. This is true regardless of when we were born.
We need to become allies to younger generations and their parents, playing our role as mentors and staying connected!

It is common knowledge that children of all ages use healthy relationships with grandparents and other elders to develop social skills. We also know that grandparents’ positive feelings about their grandchildren can improve children’s self-esteem and vice versa.

We have an important role to play in building stronger, more united, and healthier families. If we are far away from our grandchildren or don’t have grandchildren, we can play this role in another way. Our communities offer many opportunities for us to connect with youth.

To volunteer where you live, visit:
Fédération québécoise des organismes communautaires Famille
Réseau des Maisons des Grands-Parents
Fédération des centres d’action bénévole du Québec

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