Services offered by the audioprosthetists*

November 15, 2011
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Members of the OAQ

Hearing correction through hearing aid fittings
  • Audiogram explanations and overall needs assessment
  • Assessment of communication difficulties
  • Identification of needs in terms of hearing aids, based on patient profile
  • Hearing aid selection based on patient’s identified parameters
Hearing aid fittings
  • Fitting and adjustments for digital hearing aids
  • In-situ measurement (at the eardrum)
  • Hearing aid performance evaluation
  • Prosthetic education (in cooperation with the specialized educator)
  • Assistance with post-fitting adaptation and communication (in cooperation with the specialized educator)
Post-fitting assessments (in cooperation with the specialized educator)
  • Ensuring optimal hearing aid performance
  • Providing instructions for and following up on hearing aid use and care
  • Providing training in listening and communication strategies
  • Referring the patient to other hearing health professionals as needed
Other services
  • Assistive listening device recommendations and sales
  • Industrial ear protection recommendations and fittings
  • Post-myringotomy protection recommendations, sales and fittings
  • Recommendations, sales and fittings for attenuating earplugs and other ear protection developed for musicians
  • Free conferencing services
* The professional services available at Lobe Santé auditive et communication’s clinics may vary from one establishment to the next.