Réseau Sélection

May 9, 2013

The best years of your life with Réseau Sélection

Réseau SélectionRéseau Sélection operates in 15 cities across Québec, offering retirement homes that set themselves apart with their safe, cozy, comfortable living environment and stimulating activities, and a firm commitment to making your retirement the best years of your life.

Our mission is to provide a unique lifestyle based on deep respect for our residents. Every retiree enjoys personal service and the constant attention of a caring, knowledgeable staff, so they feel completely at home and can take full advantage of a rich and rewarding social life. Plus, to take even better care of our resident’s needs, we have developed the Complexe Médical Sélection to facilitate access to health care.

Réseau Sélection has also concluded a unique agreement with the Montreal Canadiens Alumni team: each of our residences is the official home of the Montreal Canadiens Alumni.

To visit our partner: www.reseau-selection.com