Réseau FADOQ gives elderly people a voice

April 20, 2016
The mission of Réseau FADOQ is well known. However, people are talking more and more about another component of the bigger association of seniors in Canada: the defence of socioeconomic issues that could promote better quality of life for today’s and tomorrow’s seniors. Since Réseau FADOQ now counts more than 425,000 members age 50 and older, decision-makers are willing to listen.

The social contract and the Silver Button

In response to population ageing and declining living conditions for the elderly, Réseau FADOQ has elevated seniors’ quality of life into a social cause.

First it launched the social contract in order to rally businesses, governments, organizations, and individuals around this social justice cause. Then it created a symbol, the Silver Button, proudly worn by tens of thousands of people of all ages. The button’s four holes evoke the four pillars of elderly quality of life: health, well-being, security, and belonging.

Day to day, Réseau FADOQ takes every opportunity to advance social issues affecting seniors, particularly the most vulnerable. By attending parliamentary commissions, taking part in committees and coalitions, issuing press releases, ensuring political representation, and sharing its expertise acquired over more than 45 years, Réseau FADOQ is a voice for its members, for all of Quebec’s current and future seniors—which means all of us!

Main issues

Here are some of the hot topics that Réseau FADOQ defends tooth and nail:

  • Private senior residences: Réseau FADOQ denounces the new operating standards for these residences, which open the door to healthcare privatization and a decline in the living conditions of the frail elderly.
  • Quebec Pension Plan: Like a large coalition, Réseau FADOQ is calling for a gradual improvement of the Quebec Pension Plan to cover 40% of an eligible salary of $70,000. This would provide everyone with a decent retirement income and help decrease the injustice experienced by seniors, most of whom do not have a private pension plan.
  • Homecare services: Since a large proportion of seniors want to stay at home despite their advancing age, Réseau FADOQ is urging the government to inject the funds needed to cause a real shift in homecare services.
  • Health care: As access to health care is fundamental for seniors, Réseau FADOQ is closely monitoring the enforcement of recent laws that have led to major changes in the healthcare system.

To find out more about the issues affecting people age 50 and older, or to become a member of Réseau FADOQ, visit fadoq.ca or call 1-800-544-9058.