Relax: The mobile app for managing tinnitus

April 28, 2016


According to the statistics, around 800,000 Quebecers suffer from tinnitus. Although there is no really effective cure for tinnitus, there are management strategies you can use to ease the symptoms.

For example, Relax is a mobile app that can be incorporated into existing tinnitus management strategies such as amplification (wearing hearing aids) or sound therapy (using sound to decrease the prominence of tinnitus).


Relax has a fully immersive step-by-step tutorial that provides users with customized relief for their tinnitus. The quick and easy process lets users create and customize sounds that relieve their tinnitus when usual management techniques prove ineffective.

Audio playback window

The audio playback window offers the user a series of sounds. Once you have chosen a sound, you can customize it by adjusting the volume, the frequency response, and the rate of fluctuation, for example. You can also set the frequency and amplitude to three different speeds, giving you the flexibility you need to tailor your relief. After choosing a sound, you can set a sleep timer to automatically and gradually reduce the sound.

Creating stimuli

This function transforms your mobile phone into a tool so you can adjust settings and specify the exact frequency response of the sound you choose to better adapt it to your tinnitus. It also lets you create new sounds to meet your needs at any given time of day.

Compatible with smartphones

The app is free and can be used on Apple products with iOS (7.1 and later) and Androids (4.1 and later). Sounds can also be streamed via Bluetooth-capable hearing aids.

Consult an audioprosthetist to learn more.

To determine which hearing aids are best for you, consult an audioprosthetist.

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