Quebec’s population is aging, and is aging well!

November 17, 2011
La population québécoise vieillit et elle vieillit bien !Over the last years, we have started to see the age pyramid that had been predicted. We are noticing changes everywhere we go.

More and more organized trips are targeting this energetic population who has the health and the means to travel. The food now offered in grocery stores is focused on preventing heart disease, lowering cholesterol, controlling diabetes, etc. Senior Citizens’ associations seem younger and younger. This new generation of older people are known as the baby-boomers.

Little importance was given to hearing health in the past. Nevertheless, the aging of the ear is only natural. As a matter of fact, the exact same process takes place as with the eyes. Aging is one of the leading causes of deafness. As we get older, our hearing ability starts to decline and the hearing impaired part of the population increases year after year. Despite this reality, we are often ill-informed when it comes to the consequences related to impaired hearing.

The arrival of baby-boomers is changing this situation. Having had easier access to education, these new retirees are now demanding to be informed and are able to better understand the direct consequences of a hearing problem on their quality of life, and especially on that of their own parents.

This explains why the number of people expressing the need to meet with a hearing health care professional is rapidly increasing.