Protect yourself from noise!

May 15, 2013 by Christophe Grenier
Protégez-vous du bruit!
Did you know that inside our ears are thousands of cells responsible for hearing? These cells which are called hair cells are present from birth, but cannot be regenerated. This means that once they are damaged, the consequences are irreversible.

Which sounds can damage your ears?

Loud sounds such as factory machinery, music in bars, concerts or impulse noises like guns can cause acoustic trauma if the exposure is repeated or prolonged. We have all gone to a show without ear plugs! And we have all experienced the buzzing in our ears and the reduced hearing sensation when it was over. Luckily, this type of acoustic trauma is temporary and only becomes permanent if the experience is repeated too often.

For workers, a law concerning work accidents and professional disease, officially known as the Loi sur les accidents du travail et les maladies professionnelles (LATMP), indicates that workers shouldn’t be exposed to continuous noise levels exceeding 90 dB A for an 8 hour work period*.

How can we prevent the damage?

Different ear plugs exist to fit your needs.

  • Ear plugs for noisy environments; for industrial workers and those with noisy hobbies.
  • Ear plugs with filters; for musicians, elementary school teachers, music teachers, DJs, day-care workers, etc. All people who work in noisy environments.
  • Swimmer’s earplugs to prevent ear infections and for those with drains in their eardrums.
  • Ear plugs for sleeping; for those whose partner snores a little too loudly!

No matter what kind of hearing protection you need, your audioprosthetist will be able to advice you.

Remember that your ears are precious, they deserve to be protected!

*Reference: Règlement sur la qualité du milieu de travail, R.R.Q., 1981, S-2.1, r. 15).


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