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November 10, 2016 by Marco Di Manno
Earmolds have changed a lot in recent years. A long list of products is available: earmolds for hearing aids, earplugs for noise, music ear buds, and more.

Earmolds for hearing aids

Hearing aid earmolds are available in a variety of materials, such as hard lucite for easy handling and insertion into the ear, and soft materials to maximize gain. These can be tinted, coloured, swirled, or glow-in-the-dark. In addition to traditional earmolds, custom earmolds for slim tubes and receiver-in-the-ear products allow increased flexibility for this type of hearing aid fitting.

Earplugs for noise

For earplugs for noise, a thick solid plug with no venting that completely fills the ear is the preferred choice. It will provide maximum attenuation. For cutting noise during sleep, a softer plug that fits less deeply in the ear canal or a half-shell plug works well. This type of plug is designed for both noise reduction and comfort. Sleep plugs will decrease the decibels while allowing the wearer to hear alarms and emergency alerts. They are similar in terms of sound (decibels) to those found at the drugstore when well placed but are adjusted to the ear so they won’t fall out during the night.

Earplugs for noise also include models for musicians. These reduce loudness and filter sound across all frequencies without removing the important musical components needed to follow along with the band or orchestra.

Swim plugs

Swim plugs are important to keep water out of the ears. They come in a variety of colours, and some are floatable so they are easy to find if a child takes them out and drops them in the water.

Custom made plugs are also available for a variety of applications, including music ear buds and pilot molds. There are earmolds for every need!

Ask your audioprosthetist to learn more.

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