Preschool at the École oraliste de Québec pour enfants malentendants ou sourds

February 6, 2015 by Andrée Boisclair

École Oraliste

The École oraliste de Québec pour enfants malenten­dants ou sourds set up shop on Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest in Québec City over a year ago. The new facility made it possible to create three classes for children at the preschool level.  

Who can benefit from these classes? All children at the preschool level with any degree of hearing loss—mild, moderate or severe. How much does it cost to go to the École oraliste de Québec? There is no tuition, just as if the child was going to a public school.

The primary goal of the École oraliste is to facilitate children’s social and school integration. With the help of specialized teachers, students develop the necessary skills for academic success. Academics and cognitive abilities are not the only focus. Gaining self-confidence and a sense of achievement are also important. Students at the École oraliste follow the complete Québec Education Program of the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS).

Preschool at the École oraliste involves developmental education centred on symbolic play, verbal technique, and discussions based on stories, books and Web sites. This teaching method gives children the freedom to act in stimulating settings that foster creativity.

The École oraliste emphasizes a set of foundations that will ensure successful formal schooling later on: language development, general knowledge, abstract thinking, small number construction, and so on. Children are therefore led to develop sophisticated language skills and are gradually introduced to writing, in a context where they can be pleased with and proud of their accomplishments. 

The École oraliste’s creative and stimulating approach, which is adapted to the students’ needs, has already proven its value. Fifteen years of experience and decades of research mean children who finish preschool at the École oraliste are very well prepared for mainstream education.

To obtain more information on the École oraliste de Québec pour enfants malentendants ou sourds, contact Carole Girard, Principal, at 418 263-5189, or go to