Plugged ear sensation?

November 15, 2009 by Francine Morrissette

Fini la sensation d'oreilles bouchées

The occlusion effect gives the impression of plugged ears and a change in your own voice when hearing aids are worn. Patients speak of their voice resonating. This sensation is often encountered by the hard of hearing who suffer from a hearing loss principally at high frequencies.

Well, there’s a solution for you!

An Open Fit hearing aid.
Confort accru ! Fini la sensation d'oreilles bouchées !The advent of the Open Fit hearing aid is revolutionary in the world of corrective hearing! Sleek, light as a feather, and equipped with the lasted in technology, the Open Fit hearing aid was designed to be completely hidden behind the auricle of the ear. A unique range of modern colours reinforces the aesthetic appeal of this hearing aid.

The Open Fit hearing aid is equipped with a state of the art circuit incorporating the new generation of “Datalogging”. “Datalogging” obtains information on acoustic environments specific to the user, on the way he uses his hearing aid on a day to day basis as well as the frequency he uses for each individual function. With a simple click, this information can be taken into account for an optimal adjustment.

Since October 1, 2006, the CSST has recognized that workers must have the right to a much greater variety of hearing aids (including the Open Fit), so as to respond more precisely to their real needs and expectations.