Oral school and academic success

May 28, 2012 by Andrée Boisclair

A school focussed on the educational achievements of their hearing impaired students!

It’s been nearly ten years since the École oraliste de Québec pour enfants malentendants ou sourds obtained its license from the Ministry of Education of Quebec. Since then, it welcomes students from all the different regions of Quebec. These students come to this school to be brought up to level so that they can eventually be admitted into a regular classroom in a public or private school with children without hearing problems.

Note that, even though it has a status of private school, the Oral School is completely free. There are no tuition fees.


After ten years, it seemed necessary to follow the academic path of these students, who upon their arrival at the Oral School had varying degrees of difficulties and had accumulated an academic delay of one, two or three years. In this perspective, a study was done. It showed that 89% of the students that attended the Oral School were admitted into a regular classroom, that is, with students without hearing problems.


Once they are in high school, students who attended the Oral School have an academic path that is comparable, not to those who have difficulties in high school, but to Quebec’s general student population.

Indeed, as shown by the data collected by the MELS, students with learning difficulties that attend Quebec high schools have a very low high school graduation rate. The students of the Oral School significantly surpass this rate, in fact it compares to the average of all students in Quebec.


A high proportion of students from the Oral School, who upon their arrival had varying degrees of difficulties, become successful in school. Let’s take for example, 14 students who, when we did our study in spring 2011, left the Oral School and went to a regular high school. Eight of the 14 students were enrolled in an enriched program (advanced English, mathematics, arts or sports, international program). Thus, these students have not only caught up one, two or three years of learning delays, they have even surpassed regular academic expectations. 

École oralisteWith these excellent results, it is reasonable to say that the École oraliste de Québec is an efficient school.