Turn a noisy situation into a quiet escape

July 7, 2015
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People who are hard of hearing may have significantly varying lifestyles, but travel is one thing that most have in common. Commuting by train, taking a taxi on a busy Saturday night, or flying to the next holiday destination are just a few examples of travel today—which can be very busy and noisy situation.

Passengers are exposed to noise from specific sources like propellers, engines, and high speed turbulence or wind. Noise from these sources can sometimes exceed 80 dB.

It is well established that prolonged exposure to such noise can have adverse effects on health, comfort, and psychological well-being.

Fortunately, listening programs have been developed to make common situations more comfortable for hearing aid wearers. The Comfort in Airplane program was developed primarily for individuals who travel by air, but can also be used for train, bus, subway, or car trips. When the Comfort in Airplane program is selected, noise gain, noise reduction, and directionality features are precisely adjusted to reduce noise and improve listening comfort in all travel environments.

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To determine which hearing aids are best for you, consult an audioprosthetist.

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