Montreal Oral School: Where the world of sound comes alive!

February 9, 2012
Montreal Oral School: Where the world of sound comes alive!
The Montreal Oral School for the Deaf (MOSD) is a specialized institution serving hearing impaired children in Montreal and other regions of Quebec, from early infancy until the completion of their high school education. Created in 1950, the MOSD’s mission is to teach children who have varying degrees of hearing loss – from mild to profound – to speak and to listen. This is accomplished through the work of a highly-skilled team of professionals and the use of sophisticated technology that includes cochlear implants, hearing aids and FM systems.

Each child is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that is comprised of specially-trained teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing, speech-language pathologists, audiologists/cochlear implant mapping specialists, a psychologist, social worker, and a hearing aid technician. Families who first learn of their child’s disability are supported through counseling and peer networking to help them through their shock and grief. The intensive training they receive helps them to become an extension of the MOSD team so that “bathing” their child in language becomes a lifestyle.

Currently there are 220 children in Quebec being served by MOSD – some of them in the GarnierKids Parent/Infant Program (services in the home), others in the Agnes Phillips Nursery Program, which takes place in the main building on Ste. Catherine Street in Westmount. For children not quite ready for full integration into a class of hearing children, there are pre-integration classes at Westmount Park School taught by MOSD specialist teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing. Once children are ready for full integration, they enter their neighbourhood school where an MOSD teacher works at the school both with the child and the teachers to ensure that the child’s needs are fully met. Integrated children are taught individually once or twice weekly by MOSD teachers until the end of their high school education, if needed. MOSD alumni are welcomed back at any time and some return to serve as volunteers and staff members.

MOSD receives government funding. Though this funding is essential, it is not enough to cover the diversity of services offered to the children and their families. The school also has to rely on funds provided by donors.

To conclude, the Montreal Oral School for the Deaf offers a diverse range of services with the aim of enabling children with hearing loss to reach their full communication and learning potential. To find out more about services for your child, please call 514 488-4946.

To support the MOSD, call 514 488-4946 or visit their website at