Message from the Director

August 4, 2013

Message from the Director

I was thrilled to take up the task of founding our very own university, Lobe University. Together, we will bring it to life with our shared desire to grow and succeed! 

Lobe University’s establishment is part of an ongoing effort to build up the Lobe network across Québec. In light of our vision of becoming the province’s authority on hearing health and communication, it is imperative that we always be one step ahead. And what better way to do that than to invest in the organization’s greatest asset: teams that change lives day after day.

Mentorship and coaching: these are the foundations on which we have built our approach to learning. In addition to a personalized learning plan, mentorship provides each individual with the opportunity to benefit from the real-world experience of a mentor. Coaching, on the other hand, calls for more personal involvement, to encourage the individual’s self-discovery and help unleash his or her true potential.

Lobe University thus encourages team members to share their knowledge with one another. Each person makes a commitment to be available and offer their unique insight, for everyone’s benefit. In addition to your own professional practice, highly qualified professionals (in finance, marketing, business development, communications, IOS and legal affairs) put their energy into helping you work on the finer points of your professional development.

Guided by our values—creativity, integrity, diligence and harmony—our innovative teaching methods enable everyone to flourish so they may unleash their true potential. After all, it is by maintaining a sense of curiosity, and by building on our knowledge and skills, that each of us is able to offer patients the very best of ourselves.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together: all for one!

               Emmanuelle Jacques