Interview with a woman of compassion!

February 15, 2011

Interview with a woman of compassion!

Ginette Legendre is a woman of compassion—the kind we’d all love to have as a granny. Sensitive, funny, generous, she launched a second career at the age of 60 for those most dear to her: kids aged five to ten.

How did a career nurse in the early years of retirement become a successful author of children’s stories?

Interview with a woman of compassion!In 1999, it was time for Mrs Legendre to take retirement. After a year and a half of adjusting to this new way of life and redecorating her entire house, she felt the need to find herself a project. So, for fun, she decided to start writing stories for her grandchildren. Life circumstances have a hand in many things…

After encountering problems with her glycemia, she took part in a training session at Hôtel Dieu de Lévis hospital. She headed home with a wealth of excellent information and with a specific question on her mind: What information is given to children suffering from diabetes? After looking into this matter thoroughly, she wasn’t thrilled with the documentation she found. No matter… She herself would write a story that would offer information and comfort to kids dealing with this disease. And with that, the first character in a series of more than 30 children’s books emerged!

Choconours, the diabetic bear, Sursaut, the kangaroo who undergoes open-heart surgery, Lentille, the turtle with a pacemaker, -Bigoudi, the lamb with arthritis and Mali, the deaf elephant have all become popular characters among kids aged five to ten.

Mrs Legendre even approached companies and organizations to obtain financing for printing her books so that they could be offered to sick children for free. Her efforts and achievements led Les Éditions de la Francophonie in Lévis to step in. The books are still being distributed free of charge to children, but the publisher is also able to sell them in bookstores.

Mrs Legendre’s days are spent enjoying her second career, which is proving just as promising as her first. When asked what she derives from this crazy adventure, she responds with her magnificent smile: “If you only knew how lucky I am to have met all these extraordinary people all over who are helping these kids… If I hadn’t written these stories, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to encounter such wonderful individuals and learn so much about so many things.”

Today, the popularity of Mrs Ginette Legendre’s stories has extended far beyond Canada’s borders.

Sursaut the kangaroo who had open-heart surgery will soon be taking off to pay a visit to kids in a hospital in Geneva. Born of a desire to write stories for her grandkids, Ginette Legendre’s tales and adventures now feed children’s imaginations around the world.

Interview with a woman of compassion!For a copy of one of her many children’s books—all part of the Collection Enfant Santé—please call Les Éditions de la Francophonie in Lévis directly at 418 833-9840.