Internet and our hearing

August 12, 2016 by Simon Dufort
Recent data show that 42.4% of the world’s population used the Internet in 2014. Today, this figure could even be 50%. In Canada, the number is closer to 86% of the population.

I will spare you the list of areas that have been revolutionized by this indispensable tool. But what’s the connection to our hearing? Here is a summary of the possibilities the Web offers.

Mobile applications

Many free smartphone applications have been created to warn you when the ambient noise level is dangerous for your hearing and to tell you how much time is left before risk of damage. These apps are available on Google Play (Android) and in the App Store (Apple).
You can also find applications to generally screen your hearing* in the comfort of your living room with your smartphone or tablet. You just need earphones and a quiet place. Why not test your family and friends? You might convince a recalcitrant friend to consult a professional.
Some professionals practicing in the Lobe clinics have a professional version on iPad for hearing self-assessment, available at some clinics by appointment. You may have seen some of these professionals at events across Quebec. Check for further updates.


There are so many websites and blogs about hearing that it’s easy to get lost. Just use your judgment to determine their credibility, and look for reliable sources: professional associations, scientific publications, well-known manufacturers, etc. Here are some websites:

The future

The number of online shopping tools is on the rise. In the near future, the Internet could also provide quick access to professionals and services, for example with videoconference consultations. Wouldn’t that make life easier?

Also, the professionals practicing in the Lobe clinics offer a battery-by-mail service. Find out more!

* Tests performed outside the audiometric room are not valid for diagnostics.

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