Innovative and safe hearing aids for children

August 12, 2016 by Marco Di Manno
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Sounds are important to all of us. For children, they are indispensable for auditory and cognitive development.

Hearing aids can help children learn to speak clearly by helping them hear other people’s voices better. This makes it easier for them to imitate voices, a key factor in speech development. They can also help children hear their own voice better, removing yet another barrier to natural speech development.

In addition to providing optimal auditory information, pediatric hearing aids often require specialty features, including those described below.

IP58 certification

IP58 certification offers optimal protection against moisture and dust, making hearing aids robust and durable enough to keep up with a child’s daily activities.

Volume control and program button

The volume control wheel and program (for directionality functions) button are designed to allow small fingers to easily find them and make adjustments. These features can also be locked so the child cannot make changes.

LED status lights

Status lights can be programmed to visually indicate your child’s hearing aid settings. This will help you more easily and discreetly monitor hearing aid operation (e.g., on/off, low battery status, program change, etc.).

Tamper-resistant battery door

In order to prevent children from accidentally losing or even swallowing the small battery, pediatric devices come with an optional tamper-resistant battery door.

Wireless connectivity options for the classroom

In the classroom, an FM adapter can be attached to connect to a personal or classroom FM system. The teacher’s voice will then be transmitted directly into the child’s hearing aids, making it easier for the child to hear and understand at a distance, as well as in noisy and reverberant classrooms.

Pediatric hearing aids are designed to assist children in every facet and stage of their lives.

Consult an audioprosthetist to learn more.

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