I’m going on a trip, and I’m going to bring…

May 26, 2017



Hearing aids are becoming more and more common, and many hearing aid users feel the bite of the travel bug. The best way to avoid forgetting things when going on a trip is to have a checklist.


Container: Pack the closing container that came with your hearing aids in your carry-on. It’s always a good idea to keep this container with you so that you can store your hearing aids as needed.

ProtecLobeMC: It is a container with a moisture-absorbing tablet. It’s great for storing your hearing aids overnight or whenever you’re not using them.

ServiLobeMC: These wipes clean and disinfect your hearing aids. They’re perfect for a short trip—you can carry as many as you’ll need.

Wax filter: Bring one with you in a package. (White filter should be changed approximately once a month)

Resealable bag: If you need to wear your hearing aids to the beach, it’s a good idea to bring a resealable bag so that you can protect them from water. You can also ask your audioprosthetist for a bag designed for this purpose.

Batteries: Batteries can be difficult to find in an unfamiliar place. Make sure you bring enough to last you the entire trip. You may also be able to find them in some pharmacies.


Check-up: Make an appointment with your audioprosthetist a few weeks before you leave. They will be able to check and clean your hearing aids, which will reduce the risks of unexpected problems.

Points of service: Look up clinics and points of service near your hotel. It’s important to know where to get help if your hearing aids break during your trip.

Insurance: Make sure that your hearing aids are covered under your home insurance (loss, theft or fire).


Did you know that some hearing aids can connect to your phone? Some hearing aids have integrated Bluetooth! It’s now possible to wirelessly connect your hearing aids directly to your phone. If you’re looking for entertainment during your flight, you can now listen to music, a movie or a TV show directly in your hearing aids without using headphones or bothering other passengers. Make sure your phone is in Aiplane mode before turning on Bluetooth. Please ask your flight attendant before using any wireless devices in-flight.

Additionally, new technology allows you to receive sound from audio sources directly in your hearing aids. They’re easy to use, too. All you need is a remote that will relay the signal from the movie playing on the plane to your hearing aids. There is no wire between the remote and your hearing aids. The best part is that the sound is corrected for your hearing loss because it is transferred through your hearing aids. That way, you’ll always hear clear and accurate sound. No matter where you go, you’ll be relaxed and comfortable the entire time.

Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the sun, the sand… and the sounds!