Hearing loss: a barrier to communication

May 22, 2012 by Marguerite Blais
Welcoming the differences, it opens up to an infinite number of possibilities. In Quebec, more than one out of ten people suffer from hearing loss. As the Minister responsible for Seniors, but also on my own behalf, it’s important for me that everyone with a hearing problem knows that they’re not the only one with this difference and that their talents and resiliencies are an asset to society.

A hearing loss shouldn’t stop deaf, hard-of-hearing or hearing impaired people from integrating. They shouldn’t, under any circumstances, sink into isolation or into oblivion. Hearing loss is an invisible disability, a barrier to communication. We need to talk about it and find ways for people with hearing loss to feel like they’re part of society. Nowadays, the technologies used in hearing aids are highly developed. They’re small and extremely useful to make up for the hearing loss.

Devoted to this cause for many years, I do everything in my power to ensure that the hearing impaired find their place in Quebec society. As part of my duties, I’ve had the chance to meet people who live with this reality; whether they are deaf using sign language or oral communication, became deaf or hard-of-hearing, or are deaf-blind.

Day after day, these people participate to what our society has most precious to offer, which is their potential as a human being.

I would like to take this moment, to ask everyone to contribute to getting rid of all the taboos that isolate those living with hearing limitations. This is how the province of Quebec will come out as winners.