Hearing aids now a better fit for your lifestyle

December 23, 2014 by Geneviève Laporte

Appareils auditifs et style de vie

Although subtle and invisible, deafness is a very real problem, and people who suffer from hearing loss are seeking a solution to compensate for that loss. Active people afflicted with deafness want to pursue their regular activities (e.g. go shopping, train, work), and be able to understand the person they are speaking to as well as hear the surrounding sounds.

Hearing aids can be an effective solution. Thanks to research and the evolution of advanced technologies, hearing aids are increasingly meeting people’s needs and lifestyles.

Having to make an additional effort for such simple tasks as understanding a restaurant waiter or supermarket cashier can be draining, discouraging and frustrating. However, there are modern solutions available to alleviate these problems and make life easier.

Premium hearing aids rapidly reduce noise for greater comfort, while preserving speech sounds. They are essential for people who want to function normally in a world that is fast moving and often full of noise.

Thanks to technological advances, these hearing aids can transform into a Bluetooth earpiece, and can essentially be used as hands-free headphones for the car or custom-fit headphones for watching television or listening to your favourite music. Bluetooth technology allows you to better hear someone speaking at a distance––in a conference or classroom setting, for example. How? The conference speaker or instructor wears a microphone, and his or her voice is relayed directly to your ears through your hearing aids.

Happiness is in our relationship with the world around us, so why deprive yourself? There are some really simple and effective solutions. To find out more about hearing aid technology, consult an audioprosthetist.