Hearing aids for the young and trendy!

September 14, 2015

Appareils auditifs pour jeunes branches

Does your child suffer from hearing loss? If so, you’re not alone. Many parents are facing the same challenge and like them, you’ll soon find that there are plenty of solutions. Modern hearing aids can allow your child to enjoy the gift of sound—and life in general!

One particular line of high-end hearing aids comes equipped with a binax chip, providing a smart digital binaural processing system. These hearing aids are compact, easy to use, and IP67-compliant, meaning they’re dust-tight and water-resistant. They also feature direct audio input, for an exceptional wireless connection.

Tune out the noise: Direct audio input

An optional feature, direct audio input allows hearing aids to connect to FM systems, which is particularly useful when children are trying to listen to someone in a loud environment, such as their teacher in a classroom or gym, family members at home, or friends at a recreation centre.

Practical accessories

Audio streamers

The easyTek audio streamer works seamlessly with hearing aids. This modern and elegant accessory allows users to connect to various devices, such as Bluetooth-enabled phones, MP3 players, and TVs. Sound is transmitted from these devices directly to the hearing aids, effectively turning them into miniature headphones. The easyTek can also be used as a remote control for discreet program and volume adjustment.

The easyTek App allows users to control easyTek from a smartphone. This App is available for download free of charge on Google Play and the App Store.

easyTek iphone


VoiceLink microphones connect to easyTek devices and seamlessly transmit speech to hearing aids—useful when listening to lessons or presentations or when in a car.

Remote control App

The touchControl App for binax hearing aids allows users to discreetly and conveniently adjust programs, volume, and bass and treble levels via their smartphone—no additional devices required!

Choosing hearing aids for your children can seem like a daunting task, but after learning about the recent technological developments and consulting with an audioprosthetist, you’ll come to realize that hearing aids are now easy to use and maintain.

To determine which hearing aids are best for you, consult an audioprosthetist.