Health Exhibit in Lac-​Megantic

April 20, 2012

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Professionals who work in the Lobe Santé Auditive clinic of Lac-Megantic are happy to answer all of your questions during this event.

Health Exhibit in Lac-Megantic

Under the theme: Repeat the prescription!

On Friday and Saturday April 20th and 21st, many health contributors will gather in the Lac Megantic mall for the second edition of the Health Exhibit

Among the participating organizations, you can stop at the following kiosks: the Lac-Mégantic chapter of the Alzheimer Society, the Centre d’action bénévole of Granit, the Trans-Autonomie et du transport Adapté et Collectifof Granit,  Leucan Estrie and the Shaved Head Challenge of Lac-Megantic, the housekeeping services of Granit, the Table de Concertation des personnes aînées of Granit, the Centre Cardio-Féminin, the Sûreté du Québec,the Ambulances of Lac-Megantic, the Dessercom division,the Ensoleilée, the Domaine de la Sobriété de Stratford,Julie Compagna- concerning therapeutic hypnosis,the Relay for Life, the Canadian Cancer Society and Marcel Pépin representative of Philips Lifeline. As part of an integration project in Montignac, two students will be on-site to offer you a brunch benefitting the Maison Fin de vie of the Granit MRC.

In addition, a team from the CSSS, the Health and Social Services center of the Granit  region, will be on-site to talk about smoking. Also,the graduates from the nursing college of Lac-Megantic will discuss the following topics: skin cancer prevention, dental hygiene, heart disease prevention, healthy diet and stress prevention.

On-site on Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Familiprix invites you to visit their booth for a cholesterol screening.

Some business’s of the Lac Megantic Carrefour will also offer health or fitness related activities. Among them, Intersport and their weight loss and fitness challenge; Visalus Science; the Centre Évasion-Douceur and Micheline Vachon, massage therapist; the store Naturist with their tea tasting and Lobe, hearing health and communication clinics.