Growing old happily

June 8, 2015 by Martine Rodrigue
Considering the current messages and stereotypes feeding a negative vision of ageing, the title of this article may seem utopian at first glance.

But a wind of change is blowing through our communities, strengthened by the government’s will to implement the Age-Friendly Municipalities (AFM) program, the culmination of seven pilot projects started in 2008. Today, more than 700 cities and RCMs have taken steps towards implementing the AFM initiative.

This program is aimed at building ties to help stop ageism, foster respect for the elderly, and promote their social inclusion and involvement in community life. Seniors themselves are playing an active role in this major shift throughout Quebec.

Once the conditions for fostering all forms of social involvement (cultural and leisure activities, politics, workshops, volunteering) are in place, it is up to seniors to take advantage of them and claim their place among inclusive, welcoming, and safe communities.

We increasingly advocate for active ageing for better health. Each one of us must seize the various opportunities at hand. May is Better Speech & Hearing month. Why not book a consult with an audiologist if you notice signs of hearing problems? That way, you can prevent a hearing problem from interfering with your social life and be free to age happily!

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