The Réseau FADOQ

May 12, 2013

What is the Réseau FADOQ ?

FadoqNothing less than the largest association of Quebecers over 50 and THE reference in terms of quality of life for Quebec seniors. Since it was founded in 1970, the Réseau FADOQ has won countless battles to defend the rights of seniors and come to the assistance of the less fortunate. The Réseau has also implemented a broad range of services, programs and sporting and recreational activities to make aging a healthy and fulfilling part of life. Our organization has also established a basket of discounts and privileges over the years to help members make ends meet and make the most of the little things in life.

A healthy evolution made up of bold and sound values has marked the history of the Réseau FADOQ, so that it moves with the times, offering activities customized for today’s seniors and taking up new challenges related to the aging of the population. As well, while bingo was formerly king, we now see members participating in group bike rides, learning new technologies, and demonstrating for a decent retirement income, all through FADOQ. It is no surprise that more and more seniors are obtaining the FADOQ card !

What’s the key to the Réseau FADOQ’s success?

The sustained work of its employees and the unwavering dedication of its 9,000 volunteers, but above all else, a long chain of people, full-fledged citizens engaged in their lives who share interests and work together to fight injustice. Models of solidarity who make up the soul and strength of the Réseau FADOQ.

Its Mission

The Réseau FADOQ is made up of several affiliated organizations whose mission is :

  • To bring together people aged 50 and over and represent them in instances in which their rights and needs are concerned.
  • To organize activities and offer programs and services that respond to their needs. The Réseau FADOQ currently has more than 255,000 members.

All these efforts are intended to favour the quality of life and enjoyment of all members.

Its Vision

Be the most representative organization for Quebecers over 50.


  • Pride in our actions and achievements
  • Integrity in the positions we take
  • Dignity in how we act
  • Solidarity with our partners
  • Faith in our choices

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