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August 1, 2013

To be able to share and acquire greater knowledge, Lobe University adopted a multidimensional framework that can be tailored to individual needs.

Experience a more personal kind of orientation

Everyone who joins the team goes through a comprehensive welcoming and orientation process. A learning plan is also created based on the development objectives specific to the employee’s position within the organization, and based on his or her personal goals.

Experience our take on sponsorship

Lobe University is distinct in that it follows the philosophies of mentoring and coaching. Knowing that the team’s knowledge and experience are an invaluable asset, Lobe University pairs each student with a sponsor, who is put in charge of steering the student through the learning process. Providing each student this kind of guidance is Lobe University’s way of achieving a seamless integration and a great degree of learning. Being accessible and dependable also means colleagues can build a strong team, multiplying their pool of expertise.

Experience your profession in one of our workplace schools across Québec

Since there’s a huge difference between the classroom and the real working world, Lobe University has broken new ground by introducing workplace schools throughout Québec. Backed by a «practicum» style learning plan, here, students get to experience their profession first-hand, in a real multidisciplinary clinic. Essentially, it is a high-level internship, the duration of which will depend on the learner’s profession and needs. What better way to enter the workforce!

Experience personalized distance learning through our Tele-University

When you have multidisciplinary needs, you must have multidisciplinary programs. Lobe Tele-University provides students the option of personalized distance education. The subjects are as varied as the kinds of development needed by the individual and the business, and they are targeted to all team members. Access to Lobe Tele-University means you can learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever works best for you!

Experience provincial seminars

Provincial seminars are held every year, often in natural settings far from the bustling noise of the city, as an opportunity to recharge your batteries, reflect and give your creativity free reign. Each seminar has a theme and is hosted by prominent speakers. The seminars are another opportunity, in addition to the learning process itself, for team members to strengthen their relationships. Importance is also given to personal development, however, as we firmly believe that the more a person develops his or her potential, the stronger we become as a group.

Experience continuing education

In some fields, ongoing professional development is required. Lobe University coordinates and offers the necessary training based on the regions where the students work, covering the entire province of Québec. Moreover, each course is meticulously designed to enable you to grow, acquire new skills and expertise, and bring out that creative side we all harbour inside us.

Experience Lobe University and earn your diploma

At Lobe University, we know how vital it is that the diplomas we award be relevant and valuable. The quality of the instruction, guidance and support is therefore of the utmost importance.

Lobe University: A vast repository of knowledge