Role of professionals in hearing health and communication

These are the professionals who work to find real solutions to your needs:

ENT specialist

Lobe, Médecin ORL, Chirurgien cervico-facial, Tête, Cou, Oreille, Nez, Gorge

The ENT specialist, a cervico-facial surgeon, specializes in treating diseases of the head and neck, particularly those of the ear, nose and throat. ENT specialists can determine whether your hearing problems can be solved by surgery or medication. Should the diagnosis indicate that medical treatment or surgery cannot resolve the problem, your ENT specialist may refer you to an audioprosthetist or hearing aid specialist.


Lobe, OOAQ, Dépistage néonatal, émissions oto-acoustiques, audiométrique, audiologique, Investigation-réadaptationAn audiologist is a hearing health professional who conducts hearing tests, assesses hearing and provides aural rehabilitation training. The hearing assessment — a series of detailed tests that reveal the extent and nature of the problem — is essential, since it provides an accurate picture of your auditory health and allows the audiologist to recommend the best solutions for your situation.


Lobe, Audioprothesiste, OAQ, appareillage auditif, audiogramme, audioprothétique, appareils auditifs,An audioprosthetist is a hearing health professional authorized to sell, fit and adjust hearing aids. Audioprosthetists help you choose the right hearing aids and assistive listening devices to suit your needs, lifestyle and preferences, as well as monitor you through the adjustment phase following your fitting, helping you adapt to listening, speech and communication. This very important step is known as aural rehabilitation and is carried out in conjunction with the specialized educator.

Speech-language pathologist

Lobe, OOAQ, Parole, articulation, prononciation, déglutition, langage, oralA speech-language pathologist is a professional who deals with problems of human communication. The speech-language pathologist studies, reviews, evaluates and treats voice, speech, language and oropharyngeal disorders.



Specialized educator

Lobe, Éducatrice spécialisée, appareils auditifs

Working with the audioprosthetist, the specialized educator educates patients about their hearing aids through a rehabilitation program. Specialized educators aim to make the adjustment to using hearing aids and assistive listening devices as smooth as possible for each patient. Helping patients adapt to their new audio environment and answering any questions they may have, specialized educators also handle and monitor their hearing aid needs.

The nurses

Lobe, Santé, infirmier (ère), santé auditiveBy virtue of the nurse’s role in the health field, he or she is called upon to support all the professionals working in the clinic, applying a multidisciplinary approach. Working with the various professionals, the nurse also participates actively in initiatives aimed at raising hearing health awareness.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your hearing health, do not hesitate to contact the professionals working at the Lobe Santé auditive et communication multidisciplinary clinics right now. It will be our pleasure to refer you to the appropriate resource person who will be able to answer your questions about your hearing health.