Different types of custom-​fitted hearing protection

November 15, 2011 by Michèle Veilleux
Custom-fitted ear plugs are to be privileged even though they’re more expensive. In fact, they offer a better protection due to a simpler placement and a better seal, since they are moulded to the ear. They are more comfortable, durable and easy to wash.

Ear plugs for working in noisy environments

lobeSilicone ear plugs offer an impressive noise level reduction, they are recommended for those who are exposed to noisy environments in their hobbies or workplace.

Hocks Noise Breakers

These ear plugs use an air chamber designed to transform acoustic energy into thermal energy. This energy transfer allows the user to have a normal conversation in an extremely noisy environment. This protection is ideal for activities such as lawn-mowing, for factory workers or even motorcycle riders.

Sonic valve ear plugs

Les différents types de bouchons protecteurs personnalisésThey are silicone ear plugs with a small sealed valve permitting speech to make its way to the eardrum all the while stopping the passage of impact noises.

High frequency hearing protection

Les différents types de bouchons protecteurs personnalisés These ear plugs use a Hock type valve so that speech can be understood in extremely noisy environments. They are recommended for workers who must understand speech in noise (for example factory supervisors).

Several types of custom-fitted ear plugs exist to answer to various listening and communicational needs: ear plugs for musicians, hunters, swimming, sleeping, etc.

Do not hesitate to consult with your audiologist in one of the Lobe Santé auditive et communication clinics for more information.


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