Deafness, it can sneak up on you!

April 15, 2013
Deafness develops slowly. As the years pass, we ask people to repeat themselves more often, pretending not to have been paying attention, or we cite tiredness as the reason for having missed what they said, or, perhaps we think they mumble. On a daily basis, the effort it takes to understand conversation, instructions or even a friend or co-worker’s joke, can be tiring. Without knowing why, dining out in restaurants and attending special events become a thing of the past.

We watch television at higher and higher volume – to our partner’s annoyance. At this point, a hearing loss affects daily life of everyone around us. The people we love get exhausted having to repeat themselves, or grow weary of being interrupted during movies to give us a recap of what was just said in the film.

Acceptance of hearing loss starts as soon as we become aware of the impact it is having on the quality of our life and on those around us. We take control of the problem in a positive, constructive manner and decide to correct it (second stage in the process of accepting deafness: see the article on page 9 of Magazine Lobe, vol. 3, number 1, 2008). Hearing difficulties can usually be corrected by wearing hearing aids.

Access to information and an understanding of the subject help facilitate acceptance of a hearing impairment. This is why the professionals who practice with Lobe Santé auditive et communication are so committed to raising public awareness of the need to take care of our hearing. Our hearing health awareness program includes sharing our expertise via Lobe Magazine, by our presence at various conventions and info booths so that we can respond to your questions, and by participating at numerous meetings hosted at social clubs and at retirement homes. We also visit schools.

Attend one of our free conferences and learn all you need to know about the subject while meeting and conferring with our hearing health professionals who will be able to respond to all your questions.

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