Daily life and hearing aids: A few tips

March 9, 2016 by Mélanie Godin


Depending on their schedule, hard-of-hearing people may not always know how to handle their hearing aids.

Is it safer to take them off when I go swimming? Do I need to take them off when going to the hairdresser? Should I leave them in my locker when I go to the gym?

Here are a few useful tips that will help you take the necessary precautions for your or your children’s hearing aids in various daily life activities.

At the gym

A sport band, a sport clip, or spandex sleeve are excellent solutions for athletic people. If you sweat a lot during sports, make sure to put your hearing aids in your ProtecLobe©, another disposable container, or an electrical dehumidifier after your workout.

At the hairdresser’s

When you go to the hairdresser, let the stylist know that you wear hearing aids, so he or she can carefully avoid catching on them with the scissors. Remove your hearing aids when your hair is dried, washed, or brushed to keep hair styling products and water out of your hearing aids’ microphones. Hair spray could create a sticky film on your microphones and reduce your hearing aids’ performance or even cause a failure.

In the shower

You probably already know to remove your hearing aids before showering, and never to leave them in the bathroom, as humidity could damage the electronic components (earphones, amplifier, microphone) and make your hearing aids less effective.

At the pool

Going for a swim? Or better yet, to the waterpark? You should remove your hearing aids (unless you own a waterproof model designed for complete immersion). If you go places where your hearing aids might get splashed, cover them with a latex sleeve.

In pouring rain

In heavy rain, you should protect your head with an umbrella or by wearing a hood or wide-brimmed hat to prevent your hearing aids from getting wet (and your hairdo from getting ruined!).

Oh no! There’s water on my hearing aids! What do I do?

If your hearing aids get splashed, take the battery out immediately and put them in your ProtecLobe© or electrical dehumidifier right away. After that, book an appointment at your Lobe clinic to have them checked.

To learn more about the accessories mentioned above, consult an audioprosthetist or specialized educator.