Conferences in public places

April 15, 2016


For hearing-impaired people

Before the conference:

  • Ask if the establishment has a communication system for hearing-impaired people.
  • See the lecturer to:
    • Make them aware that you are hearing impaired
    • Ask them to use the microphone of the communication system provided by the auditorium or your personal system (e.g., MF, infrared)
    • Ask them not to speak too quickly during the presentation
    • Ask them to repeat other people’s questions and comments, if needed
    • Ask them to control turns to speak
    • Discuss lighting (to be sure it is adequate)
  • Arrive early to choose a seat:
    • With a good view of the lecturer
    • Near the speakers
  • If you hear better with one ear than the other, sit with your “good” ear facing the speaker or lecturer.
  • Make sure your hearing aids are functional (e.g., batteries).
  • Bring paper and pen.
  • If a printed conference program is available, take one.

During the conference:

  • If you have hearing aids, use them.
  • If you brought someone, ask them to take notes during the conference.

For those accompanying hearing-impaired people

  • Take notes during the conference to share them with hearing-impaired people.
  • Repeat questions and comments of other people at the conference, if needed.
Did you know?
Many technologies improve the listening experience during conferences in public places.
Consult an audiologist or an audioprosthetist for more details.

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