Certain governmental agencies pay for television listening systems

August 15, 2010 by Martin Vigneault
Certain governmental agencies pay for television listening systemsFor those who meet their criteria, the CSST hearing loss program pays the cost of a television listening system for people who presently work in or have worked in noisy workplaces.

Despite using excellent hearing aids, the distance between the TV and the person who is hard-of-hearing can sometimes make it difficult to understand words. Speechreading is sometimes not possible and it is certainly impossible to speechread when watching dubbed television shows or films.

Installing a Sennheiser listening system on to your television can solve this problem. The Sennheiser 840 listening system was developed to enhance understanding of your favourite TV shows and movies.

This listening system improves the signal to noise ratio by using binaural listening (listening using both ears) and eliminates the effect of distance between the spoken words and the perception of the signal. By using the headset (e.g., the PMX-60 headset) linked to this system, the disturbing effect of ambient noise on speech (e.g., from the kitchen) is reduced, resulting in noise-free listening quality.

SennheiserThere is a control on the receiver that allows you to control the level of sound, so that you can listen at a volume that suits you and it has no effect on the volume selected by those watching TV/films with you.

Sound transmission is accomplished using FM radio waves with a range of 100’ inside or outside the home. You can also connect the system to other sound sources such as stereo sound systems, an iPod, or your computer. Different types of connectors are included with the system. Continuous 8-hour listening is achieved using a rechargeable battery.

The CSST can pay the cost of this listening system if your hearing aids, paid for by CSST, still don’t give you adequate comprehension of television.

Sennheiser          Sennheiser

If this is your situation, you should consult an audiologist or an ear-nose-throat (ENT) physician to get a recommendation (based on certain eligibility requirements). Once this recommendation has been made, your audioprosthetist can then apply for authorization for the device on your behalf from the CSST.

Veterans Affairs and RAMQ can also pay for this television listening system.

Consult your audioprosthetist at one of Lobe Santé auditive et communication’s multidisciplinary clinics to determine if this product solves your listening needs.