Caregiver: a properly recognized role?

November 10, 2016 by Martine Rodrigue


If there is a role that deserves our attention, it is surely the role of natural caregiver.

The government is placing a growing range of care services on the shoulders of caregivers of the elderly. These caregivers play a number of roles for their elderlies while often having to take care of their own family and sometimes work. It’s a virtually impossible mission. And what about elderly people who take care of another elderly person?

The government is promoting home care for vulnerable seniors due to declining health, in response to seniors’ desire to stay in their homes as long as possible. We can be pleased with this.

However, have all the costs of caregivers’ selfless giving, such as lost income, exhaustion, and isolation, been properly assessed? Clearly, existing programs are not enough to support caregivers and meet their needs.

We have also observed a lack of knowledge concerning community services for seniors and caregivers. Yet such services are available.

Based on the circumstances, we would benefit from getting to know our own communities before we experience any loss of autonomy. We could have a frank discussion with our friends and family to explain our expectations and limits if such a situation were to arise. This would also allow us to knowingly consider and choose solutions.

To learn about what your community can offer you, we invite you to take a look at the L’APPUI website for caregivers of seniors. It has information for each region of Quebec.

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