May 13, 2013




CAA-Quebec’s Mission

CAA-Quebec, a not-for-profit organization, seeks to provide each and every one of its members, as well as its customers, with security and peace of mind by offering them very high-quality automotive, travel, residential and financial services and products.

CAA-Quebec offers the CAA-Lobe program.


They were a mere handful at the turn of the last century. Today, at the turn of a new century, they are one million. What is the secret to CAA-Quebec’s success? Quite simply, that CAA-Quebec made each member and each client the focus of all its activities.

Every time it provides a service, makes a decision, creates a partnership, conducts research or steps in with public interventions, CAA-Quebec knows that its reason for being is directly linked to serving its members and clients in the best possible way.

CAA-Quebec knows how to pave the way so well for its members because the members themselves are the guides on a unique journey that began in 1904.

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