New and better hearing aids – Part 2

July 14, 2015
In a previous article, we have talked about a new family of high performance hearing aids on the market. Fitted with 900sync wireless technology, these new hearing aids are paving the way to performance, comfort, personalization, and connectivity.

Taking advantage of tomorrow’s connectivity, today

Wireless 900sync technology and binaural spatial mapping allow for sound environment analysis. Binaural spatial mapping delivers increased wireless performance in any circumstances.

Device memory is optimized for Stream Boost, a feature that provides natural sound quality and a complete hearing experience without the need for intermediate devices when listening to music or TV.  Stream Boost provides an automatic setting that boosts the incoming media stream.

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Superior and more natural sound quality

The superior sound quality generated by these hearing aids comes from a combination of binaural spatial mapping and the Voice IQ² noise reduction system. The mapping process delivers maximum listening comfort for louder sounds without jeopardizing sound quality, making it possible to preserve natural sound fading.

This means users can comfortably hear high volume sounds as being loud, low volume sounds as being soft, and remote sounds as far off.

Binaural spatial mapping intelligently optimizes noise reduction parameters from both ears, reducing hearing fatigue.

The Voice IQ2 noise reduction system

The Voice IQ² noise reduction, speech preservation, and noise management system optimizes speech in noisy situations. Voice IQ² boasts a detection tech‑
nology that differentiates speech from unwanted noise almost instantly.

This quick and accurate identification of vocal signals, optimized by binaural spatial mapping allows Voice IQ² to reduce noise segments between syllables of the same word during conversations.

For more details about technological advances in hearing aids, consult an audioprosthetist.

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